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Racism scandal between Magdeburg and Saarbrücken?



Racism scandal between Magdeburg and Saarbrücken?

The 2-1 win of 1. FC Saarbrücken against 1. FC Magdeburg apparently caused a scandal. FCS professional Dennis Erdmann is said to have racially insulted three of his opponents.

“He racially insulted Amara (Conde, d. Red.), Sisi (Sirlord Conteh) and me. One cannot tolerate that. Of course there are emotions in it, but being insulted racially is really anti-social,” said Magdeburg’s Baris Atik from the image quoted.

Amara Conde became even clearer. “I don’t want to consciously attack anyone, but that doesn’t work. Most of it went against our teammate Sirlord Conteh. That was amazing, there were slogans like ‘Tell your parents to paddle back again'”, explained the 24-year-old and added: “You heard the N-word all the time and there was always a dirty laugh about it.”

Not only Erdmann is said to have made those racist statements. The FCM professionals are therefore already on referee Dr. Robert Kampka received. However, the 39-year-old set up image-Question clear, not to have heard of the insults.

Erdmann himself denied the allegations, however. “I just said shut up and keep playing football. The referee was right next to it,” he had Saarbrücken’s press spokesman Peter Müller said.

Whether the allegations can be clarified remains at least questionable. The referee hadn’t noted anything in the score sheet after the match.

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