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Saarbrücken “decidedly” rejects accusations of racism



Saarbrücken "decidedly" rejects accusations of racism

Third division club 1. FC Saarbrücken “decidedly” rejected a media report about alleged racially motivated statements by its players.

After the 2: 1 against 1. FC Magdeburg last Wednesday, opposing players had raised the allegations via a tabloid newspaper, which the FCS described as “unoccupied” in a message on Friday. Racism has “no place in our ranks,” it said, which is why the allegations made “affected”.

Saarbrücken emphasized that the Magdeburgers did not accuse the referee of racist remarks either during the game or at the following press conference.

“In view of this factual situation, the unilaterally raised and unproven allegations from Magdeburg players lack any reliable basis,” wrote the FCS.

At the same time, the club asked those responsible in Magdeburg to “take appropriate measures that such unprovable allegations no longer take place in the future.”

Traditional associations in particular have “a social responsibility to decisively combat racism instead of promoting it through emotionally charged statements.”

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