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FC Bayern – Herbert Hainer doubts PSG behavior: “We’ll take a closer look”



Herbert Hainer (left) doubts PSG's approach.

Herbert Hainer cannot understand how the shopping frenzy of Paris Saint-Germain can be reconciled with financial fair play. The president of FC Bayern also commented on BVB star Erling Haaland.

“I’m still trying to understand how that goes along with financial fair play. As PSG is currently upgrading, we will take a very close look at how that is to be reconciled with the UEFA rules. We stick to it, then we expect that other clubs do the same, “said Hainer on Sunday Image live.

PSG signed Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan), Achraf Hakimi (Inter Milan) and Georginio Wijnaldum (FC Liverpool) this summer.

“I don’t want to condemn Paris too quickly, but the purchasing policy is already huge,” said Hainer: “It’s not the transfer fees, it’s the salaries. When I hear that Messi earns 40 million net, that’s 80 million gross. In addition Hakimi, Ramos, Donnarumma – a lot comes together. “

Hainer talks about Haaland and Lewandowski

The 67-year-old confirmed once again that Bavaria does not necessarily have to act when it comes to newcomers and that they would only be active on the transfer market in an economically justifiable framework.

“Like all other clubs, we suffered from Corona. We have 150 million euros less in income, which FC Bayern cannot easily cope with. You don’t have to worry, but we have to secure the club for the future in terms of sport and finance . We have an excellent squad. Of course, Hasan Salihamidzic is watching the market closely. If there is something on the market that fits FC Bayern and is within a certain financial framework, we will make an effort. But we have no acute need, “he said Successor to Uli Hoeneß.

Recently, among other things, there has been speculation that Dortmund’s superstar Erling Haaland could eventually succeed Robert Lewandowski in Munich.

“We have the world’s best striker in our ranks: world footballer Robert Lewandowski. He’s a goal guarantee. He’s with us for two more years and hopefully longer. Erling Haaland is an excellent player, you can always see that. But we’re with Robert very happy. I could well imagine extending my contract with him, but it’s still too early, “said Hainer.

Hainer on consultant: “gives hidden fouls”

Meanwhile, Hainer is certain that the official announcement of the contract extensions for Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka is only a matter of time.

“I don’t see why Joshua Kimmich shouldn’t renew with us. He feels very comfortable, is a top performer. I assume that this will happen soon. I don’t know why he shouldn’t stay with Leon Goretzka either. We the players pay well, we provide a team that can win titles. They can shape an era here, “said the Bavarian.

Independently of Kimmich and Goretzka, Hainer also spoke about how he feels about the behavior of some consultants. “It’s the job of the consultants to get the best out of the players. I see that in a very sporty way. Of course, the media are sometimes used and there is one or the other hidden foul. But you have to be able to live with that. You can do that don’t always blame the agent. In the end, the player has employed the agent. The agent will do what the player wants, “said Hainer.

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