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FC Bayern vs. BVB – press reviews: “Lewandowski crushes Haaland”



FC Bayern vs. BVB - press reviews: "Lewandowski crushes Haaland"

After FC Bayern’s 3-1 victory in the Supercup at Borussia Dortmund, the international press celebrated double packer Robert Lewandowski in particular. It was a frustrating evening for BVB star Erling Haaland. The press reviews.


Sun: “Never forget: Robert Lewandowski scored two goals in Bayern’s win against Dortmund after the players had paid tribute to German legend Gerd Müller. Thomas Müller was the second goalscorer after holding up a shirt in honor of football legend Gerd Müller.”

Evening Standard: “Bayern Munich beat Dortmund and wins the German Supercup again in honor of Gerd Müller.”

BBC: “Bayern Munich beat Borussia Dortmund and secured the Supercup again. Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski helped his team to stay reigning Supercup winners with the double pack in a 3-1 win against BVB.”


AS: “Lewandowski crushes Haaland! Nagelsmann smiles as he lifts the first official title of the season into the air. Bayern Munich open the championship … and Lewandowski cheers.”

Mundo Deportivo: “A brace from Lewandowski, who scored the first and third goals, gave Bayern their first title of the season. Reus scored afterwards, but a mistake by Akanji was punished by Lewandowski.”

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